How To Gain Weight Fast

Can Thin People Increase Weight Quickly?

From skinny to muscular imgSo have been thin and gangly most of your life and have tried various ways to increase your weight but without much success.

You hated it when people called you a hardgainer and is really desperate to gain some weight.

That is why you have found this site hoping that it will shed some light on beefing you up.

I am sure that you know that there are two types of body weight in which you can increase. That is either you gain body fat weight or muscle mass weight.

I sure hope that your preference will be to increase healthy muscle mass because some of you may be so desperate that you don’t care even if you increase just body fat weight which can lead to other health problems later on.

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Many  of you of have probably tried lifting weights to increase your  muscle mass but unfortunately, without much success. So pose these questions to yourself on why did you fail in building muscles. The questions are:-

a) Did you do the right exercises for massive muscle mass gain?

b) Did you eat correct foods at the correct time and at the right quantity to fuel muscle development?

c) Did you get enough rest and sleep for your body to repair itself after ravaging it in the gym?

I guess your answer will be a simple “I don’t know”. Look guys, if you don’t know what you are doing, how are you going to expect good results?

You see, if you are lifting weights to gain muscle mass, you should be doing compound exercises instead of isolation exercises. Compound exercises are movements that require more than one joint to be in motion.

Take for example the dumbbell curl. This exercise only requires your elbow joint to move and as such, only your biceps and to a lesser effect, your forearm muscles are worked on. This is a typical isolation exercise.

On the other hand, big compound exercises like the squats require the movements of your ankles, knees, hip and the support of your spine which work the muscles of your entire lower body, your core and your back activating overall muscular growth for almost your entire body. Isn’t that a much more powerful exercise for spectacular muscle growth?

On top of that, because of its sheer intensity, your body reacts by producing more human growth hormones and testosterones to repair and grow muscle tissues when you sleep encouraging muscle growth even in parts of the body not worked by the squats, for example, your arms. Isn’t that what you wanted?

However, doing the correct exercises for muscle gain is only part of the story to gain muscle weight. You have to eat more, especially protein to feed your muscles for them to develop exponentially.

If you do not eat enough good calories like protein to feed your body, your muscles can’t grow and thus, you may need to consume protein supplements and multivitamins.

If you are over 30 years of age, you may also need to supplement with human growth hormones releasers and if you are a man, testosterone releasers because these hormones decline as we age.

By talking about hormones, some of you may mistakenly think that I am referring to steroids which I am not. In fact, I am one of those who are against using dangerous artificial steroids.

The supplements I am talking about are non-prescriptive products that are made of natural herbs to encourage your body to produce more of your own natural hormones to help you to gain muscle weight. That is why they are called releasers and not drugs.

Last but not least, you should have enough rest and sleep. So do not work on the same muscle group more than twice a week and if you are older, not more than once a week. This is because our body needs time to recover from the stress and ravages of the tough workouts.

Sleep is the time when your body shuts down to recover from the day’s stress and to repairs itself. It is the time when your body will build more muscle tissues. If you do not have enough sleep, your muscle gain will not be as spectacular.

So if you want to gain weight fast, then let world famous weight gain expert Vince DelMonte show you how at How To Increase Your Weight Fast.


  1. darmowe ogloszenia londyn says

    Really nice pattern and good subject matter, nothing else we require except to increase weight : D.

    • says

      I heard of an internet youtube user called something like six pack shortcuts, saying that there is a thing called “afterburn effect” that fools the body into burning huge amounts of energy even after exercise, which burns fat easier. How dependable is that?

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    Took me time to study all the responses, but I really loved the post. It proved to be Really valuable to me to increase my weight as I have been very skinny all my life and I am sure to all the commenters right here! Its always nice if you can not merely be informed, but also entertained! I’m confident you had enjoyable producing this article.

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      I’m 17 years old and training better MMA fighter. My goal is to enter a jiu jitsu tournament. My metabolism is so fast, so I need to gain weight.

      • says

        All I can say from what I am reading here is that, you cannot gain muscle by doing cardio and jogging is cardio. Muscle are built by lifting weights and whatever is the difference with your weight if you measure weight after a week is your weight lost (but ofcourse that includes muscle weight and fat weight lost).

        I workout myself. I have friends who are fitness trainers and they tell me that if I want to lose fat and not affect my muscle mass I should do cardio as well as lift weights. Cardio should be done everyday and lifting weights can be done every other day if you like. This better tones your body instead of just doing cardio. (I could be wrong about this. This is what I understood from reading articles on web and talking to me friends and fitness trainers)

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    There was clearly this period when i was bored to tears reading through other people’s viewpoints as well as mind through their particular blog site. But just after a while once i got right here to your articles , the particular love of reading as well as smiling on some people’s everyday post appears to return, my personal interest of gaining weight has peaked again all thanks to you actually my good friend. I think you will continue this a long time. Great work my pal.

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      Hi. I’m 18 years old this year, i weigh 57KG and i’m 192cm tall. That size is freakin scary. I’m a Singaporean, so the foods that i conusme daily are muchly chinese foods.. Yes, they are oily fried ones. Do you have any recommendation(s) for me? I do workouts and I am a retail assistant who carries goods of 20+KG though im very skinny. Can u suggest some examples of Big Breakfast? Foods that are hopefully available in Singapore, cos i live there. Thanks pal!

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    I was just looking for this info to increase my weight for some time. After 6 hours of continuous Googleling, finally I got it in your web site. I wonder what is the lack of Google strategy that don’t rank this type of informative web sites in top of the list. Generally the top websites are full of garbage.

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    You can’t control people stealing your content, unless you start suing or writing to thsoe people who plagorized your content. Many of my contents are plagorized and I don’t bother with it cos it just goes to show that you have good content that people wanna steal.

    • says

      I believe you might have answered your own question. Considering that you haven’t been lifting at all, your weight loss was bound to plateau sooner or later. People who are fairly overweight also tend to lose weight much faster than less heavy folks.

      It sounds like you were in that boat (and congrats with the progress you’ve made, by the way).You HAVE lost weight this month, and four pounds is nothing to scoff at. Don’t get discouraged. Once you start resistance training, you’ll see even more results. A thought though: is there excess skin? If so, that might account for at least some of your current weight.

    • says

      It is the only thing that really works. I just started one week ago, I was 5 7 133 kg I’m now 143, but the min? 5 times per week with heavy weights such as a series of five representatives of the benching, dead lifts, squats. Also taking beef, amino acids and creatine. Overall, I have received 10 kg fast. Thanks

  10. says

    Hey, I am 20 years old and I been weightlifting for about 2 years now. My goal is to get to about 180-200pounds. I am a naturally skinny guy, and by lifting weights and eating a lot I managed to go from about 140 to 157.

    However I am stuck now and don’t seem to put on anymore weight. I eat healthy and about 5-6 times a day and I don’t know how much more I can eat, I already finished weekly groceries in twice the time now.

    • says

      Well you need to gain muscle to burn fat. I’m 16, 5’6 and 132 lbs, which is similar to you except shorter but even I am focusing on solely gaining muscle. I don’t have much fat to lose and even if I gain fat while gaining muscle, I can easily lose it later.

  11. says

    And that’s the only reason we’re in the gym, right.

    Going from skinny to muscle depends on how you approach and execute your workouts as well as how you manage your nutrition
    and rest. Not only can an elliptical build muscle, but it will also help you burn calories and fat.

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    As the name suggests, natural bodybuilding is naturally to build one’s body. If you only lift ten pounds routinely, your muscles will grow to meet that need and no more.

    In order to build more muscle mass, I have seen consistently with my experiments on over a thousand skinny men that the usual recommended calorie intake of 12-14 calories per pound of bodyweight is not enough to build muscle.

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    I see a lot of guys ask how to put on weight but at the same
    time are missing the most obvious step – they aren’t eating enough. A meal plan can be very detailed and it can be tied to eating great things like fish and nuts to eat. Any product or lifestyle that can help to increase body mass in a healthier manner and without using any harsh chemical is a safe and natural way to gain body weight.

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    Many bodybuilders make this same mistake, and take the hard
    road. Just make sure that whatever routine you decide on that you do it on a regular basis so you can achieve the best results.

    Not only can an elliptical build muscle, but it will also help you burn calories and fat.

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    You should increase your water consumption throughout the day. Going from skinny to muscular depends on how you approach and execute your workouts along with how you manage your nutrition and rest. We all know that muscle tissues repair and rejuvenate
    by itself and grows during relaxation but sleeping enough is more important than waking relaxation intervals.

  16. Linnie says

    You need a caloric surplus to gain muscle. Another effective exercise is the Incline Press, which makes
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